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Company Loans


Working Capital Loans

Finance your everyday business operations with a working capital loan that arrives in days. Working capital is the lifeblood for every business. Healthy cash flow allows you to pursue new opportunities and win more deals. It saves you time, gives you greater peace of mind, and the breathing space to make the best decision for your business. 

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uab understands the need for businesses to make investments in order to expand their capacity. These investments may be by way of purchase of machinery, purchase of factory space, shop improvements or IT installations.

Loans such as these come when businesses have built sufficient business know-how and  infrasructure to support the expansion to the next stage. Too much debt or the wrong kind of debt may have the wrong consequence and therefore having the right balance is important.

We maintain strong correspondent banking and trade finance relationship with reputable banks worldwide. For our customers uab offers flexible, short-to-medium term borrowing facilities linked to specific import or export transactions across the world.

An international trade transaction typically will begin with the issuance of Letters of Credit or an International Fund Transfer through SWIFT for receipt or alteratively payment of the goods. uab through its Trade Center provides these services.