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Our People

At uab, we pride ourselves for the people we have. They are our most valuable asset for which the Bank pledges to grow and develop; nurturing them to be successful in every stage of their careers growth. For that, our unique talent proposition as below explains just it. uab does not believe in just providing our people with JOBS. It is their CAREERS that matters.

At uab, we don't just offer jobs,
We offer CAREERS

Our Diversity and Inclusion

At uab, we are committed to creating a diverse yet inclusive workforce where our people can perform at their optimal level and realize their career potential in a meaningful and rewarding manner. Our diversity values guides us to understand that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences is key to creating a harmonious and productive work place.

The diversity of our people enrich our business competitiveness besides making our people more sensitive and better adjusted to the varied banking needs of our Customers.

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Our Rewards and Remunerations

We take a holistic view to ensure that employee compensation is fair. Remunerations, rewards and compensation are viewed beyond short-term financial measures but looks at the longer term sustainable objectives.

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Our Commitment to Community

uab has embarked on its Community Program which we brand as, 'Be the Change'. Through this, our people are encouraged to engage in community activities that touch the lives of the people of Myanmar.

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Our People Engagement

We believe a successful organization is a result of successful engagement of our customers and the community. It must first begin with us engaging our people and creating on alignment and appreciation of the Bank's direction. This involves keeping our people abreast with the progress and achievements of the Bank. We are driven to:




Our People Development

uab is committed to growing and nurturing our people through training and development conversations. Our practical approach to people development is based on the principle of 70 - 20 - 10. A blended learning and development method, this approach extends traditional training into the workplace by capturing the reality of workplace learning.

70% - Learn & Develop Through Experience (Informal)
20% - Learn & Develop Through Other People (Informal)
10% - Learn & Develop Through Structured Courses/Training (Formal)

Setting the Right Corporate Cultures

Our Purpose is to lead the way towards a better Myanmar, humanizing banking, connection people, creating opportunities and changing lives.

Career with Us

Be that someone who embraces every opportunity to learn, mature and grow. If you wish to experience that in a thriving enviroment.


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