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Christopher Loh

Christopher Loh
MD & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Christopher Loh (aged 42 years) joined uab bank in September 2017. Prior to joining uab bank, he was the Group Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Executive of International Business at RHB Banking Group. Mr. Loh has held several senior executive positions including being on the Board of Director in Cambodia & Laos, and the Deputy Group Chief Risk Officer at a large banking group. He was also a partner with a global manage- ment consulting firm where he worked with regional and global financial institutions across Asia-Pacific, United States and the United Kingdom to transform their business and risk capabilities. After his stint with a leading UK banking group in London, he returned to Asia to help build and lead a very successful risk management practice where he was the manag- ing director before his departure. He has also spent several years with a leading insurer in Singapore, and had established and run a technology and media start-up.

Mr. Loh graduated with an honours degree in engineering and business from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and is an alumnus of INSEAD Senior Leadership Programme.

Mr. Loh is a member of the Board Advisory & Strategy Committee and Board Risk Committee.

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