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Hire Purchase


Hire purchase facilities are available for purchase of vehicles, consumer goods, electronic goods, agricultural equipment, etc from Authorised dealers under the uab Hire Purchase scheme. 


Up to 70% of the value of the goods to be purchased with repayment period up to 3 years by monthly installments. 

For purchase of agricutural machinery by farmers, half yearly installments are available.



Individuals, Company , partnership firm , sole proprietor  with permanent source of income.


No security is insisted if an authorised dealer guarantee is available under the Hire Purchase scheme.


Documents Required at the time of Application

a)  Loan  application

b)  KYC documents  of borrower & Guarantors

c) Proforma invoice / Quotation from the seller

d) Salary  certificate / Certificate  from  employer  (in case of employees)

e) Income proof , such as Income Tax return , Balance sheet , account statement, etc. (in case of applicants other than employees)



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