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Investment Loan


uab understands the need for businesses to make investments in order to expand their capacity. These investments may be by way of purchase of machinery, purchase of factory space, shop improvements or IT installations.

Loans such as these come when businesses have built sufficient business know-how and  infrasructure to support the expansion to the next stage. Too much debt or the wrong kind of debt may have the wrong consequence and therefore having the right balance is important.

uab provides the financial expertise that you can trust with solution that are tailor made for you.


  • Term Loans

A term loan can be short, medium or long term and repayments are dependent on the amount you want to borrow and over a specific time frame. We help you with capital expenditure, asset purchases or purchase of premises.

  • Machinery Loan

Machinery Loan is a flexible approach to funding that gives your business access to the equipment, vehicles, plant and technology it needs to perform, based on your business cash flow. These commercial finance options can be used for both new and second-hand assets, or as a mechanism for releasing value from those you already own. They include everything from heavy equipment financing to second-hand equipment financing options.

  • Construction Loan

We offer competitively priced loans to finance the construction of different kinds of properties such as office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses and so on.

  • Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property for your personal or business needs. Both residential and commercial properties can be mortgaged for taking a loan against property.

  • Vehicle Loan – Commercial 

When it comes to buying your next cars, vans and trucks, knowing you have got the money in your back pocket can help you get a better deal. 

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