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IT Auditor - Internal Audit

IT Auditor (Junior) - Internal Audit
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7 Aug 2019


Key Responsibilities

  • Assists audit teams in performance of IT audits and reviews of systems, applications and IT processes.
  • Identifies the weaknesses in a systems network and creating an action plan to prevent security breaches in the technology.
  • Performs detailed evaluation and internal control and audit of computer information systems.
  • Identifies the lack of control of application user.
  • Checks the IT related environmental and physical security, logical security, application password management.
  • Checks authorized software and anti-virus software installation in computer system.
  • Checks all vulnerable and important areas under CCTV surveillance.
  • Checks the information security system, data backup and recovery system.
  • Checks the application control, input data, data processing and output data.
  • Carries out the physical count of IT hardware assets.
  • Reports to IT Audit manager about audit findings with risks and recommendations.
  • Performs related duties assigned by the team leader.



  • Minimum a Bachelor’s degree
  • Related field experience
  • Proficient in English
  • Proficient in Microsoft applications

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