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Loan Against Deposits


Leverage your Fixed Deposits or Savings deposits for short term financing. USD deposits may also be used for MMK financing.

uab bank provides you with a loan or Overdraft against the security of your deposits with the bank to meet your urgent and unforeseen personal expenses.


Up to 80% of the deposit amount. Loans are granted only against those deposits which are free from lien, restraint or encumbrance and not standing in the names of minors. Special schemes of loan up to 100% of deposit value are available for premier customers. 


Any individual of minimum 21 years and abovewho hold a Fixed Deposit or Savings Account balance with uab 


Fixed Deposit or Savings Account earmarked for repayment of Loan. 


Documents Required at the time of Application

1)  Loan Application  

2) Original Fixed Deposit receipt /Passbook .

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