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Loan Against Property


You may wish to leverage your Property investments in order to obtain financing for your Personal, Business and family's needs. This may include providing additional liquidity for investments, raising capital for your business, education of your children or even arranging funds for a wedding in the family. With this facility, unleash the potential of your property investments to create more wealth.

  • Features

    • Repayment period up to 10 years ,
    • Repayable on monthly installments ,
    • Minimum monthly income MMK 1,000,000.   


  • Eligibility

    • Individuals having permanent source of  income such as employees, business persons, doctors, lawyers, consultants, foreign workers,
    • Rental income may also assist paying the monthly installments 
    • Loan eligible up to 60% of the value of property  ,
    • The Loan eligibility will be adjusted to ensure that total  Monthly instalments from all loans (UAB  plus other banks)  should not exceed 1/3 of gross monthly income
  • Security

    • Land and Building 

Documents Required at the time of Application

a) Loan  application

b) KYC documents  of borrower & Guarantors

c) Salary  certificate / Certificate  from  employer  ( in case of employees)

d) Income proof , such as Income Tax return , Balance sheet , account statement etc ( in case of applicants other than employees)

e) Copies of property documents.    

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