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Rental Discounting


If you own a commercial property in any prominent locality or a house rented to reputed personal, institutions, embassies etc, enjoy the benefit of future rentals today itself. We are at your assistance offering loan against rent receivables.


  • Up to 90% of  Discounted Value  of  receivables  
  • Loan amount should not be more than 80% of value of the assets.
  • Period of loan will be fixed based on unexpired period of lease agreement (Maximum 3 years).
  • Repayment by monthly/quarterly/half yearly /yearly installments accoridng to the rental recievable date.


  • Eligibility

Individuals and legal entities with assured rental income from reputed tenents 

  • Security

Assignment of future rent receivables.  Requirement of collateral security will be decided based on  reputation of tenent.

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