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Security Trading


UAB Securities Limited, was established in 2016 as an affiliate of uab bank and is one of the first investment houses to be granted a license by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Myanmar.

Clients may obtain a full of investment banking services ranging from:

  • Securities Trading
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Research
  • Underwriting 



1.  Securities Trading

  •  Trading Services

    • Stock Trading
      • Provide update market information for trading/investing securities products.
      • Provide research and advice for people who do not have the time to stay up-to-date on market information and share trend.
      • Transaction-based services. (From order placing to settlement deal)
      • Detail explanation to beginners for market information, trading and investing needs.
      • On line trading (Web Based) 
    • Other Services
      • Treasury Bonds
      • Custodian
  • Account Opening

To open a securities trading account, please enquiry at any uab securities Office or uab Branches.


2.  Investment Advisory

Our service scope in investment advisory includes general corporate advice such as strategic review of business and asset valuation. We also advise on corporate restructuring leading towards a takeover, joint venture and/or divestment.

3.  Research

We make research on listed companies, market commentary, economic overview and provide related report to customer under the scope of Securities Trading.Before you make any investment decision, we take reasonable steps to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome for any order placed with us.AlsoSecurities Dealingwith company in buying and selling securities for its own account.

4. Underwriting

As an underwriter, we advise preparing for the listing, ensure compliance with requirements of listing manuals and applicable laws and regulations, review financial statement and forecast and work closely with the issuing company to determine share offering price. We shall prepare a prospectus to inform potential investors about the issuing company’s operations, future plan and other detailed information which is material for making investment decision.

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