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Tax Periods


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  • Tax Paid by the Bank
  • Ownership Structure
  • Appointment of Auditors
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Model




Tax Paid by the Bank 

Tax paid by the Bank over the following financial periods:

Financial Period Amount Paid
FY 2018-19 (6 Months) MMK 1,935.62 mil
FY 2017-18 (12 Months) MMK 333.72 mil
FY 2016-17 (12 Months) MMK 126.12 mil
FY 2015-16 (12 Months) MMK 1, 414 mil


Ownership structure
The Shareholders of the Bank are:

  Names Shareholding
1. U Ne Aung 90%
2. Daw Khin Moe Nyut 10%


  • The shareholders listed above are both direct and beneficial owners of the Bank

  • Except for the above shareholders, who are also the Directors of the Bank, no other members of the Board of Directors are direct or indirect shareholders

  • There are no direct or indirect shareholding by members of Senior Management of the Bank

Appointment of Auditors

  • Auditors are appointed by the Shareholders at the Annual General Meeting and require the approval of the Central of Myanmar

  • To avoid conflict of interest appointed Auditors are not allowed to be appointed for other non-audit services.

Corporate strategy

  • The goals of the Bank are driven by its Mission and Vision and stated each year in the Bank’s Annual Report.

  • The Board of Directors (‘Board”) is responsible for the overall governance, management and strategic direction of the Bank. It has ultimate responsibility for the Bank’s business strategy and financial soundness, key personnel decisions, organizational structure, governance framework and practices, risk management and compliance obligations.

  • Strategy is approved by the Board vide the annual Business Plan and performance monitored over the financial year.

  • The impact of strategy and performance each year are stated in the Financial Statements and Annual Report. Over the last 5 years, the impact on Assets and Capital have been positive and this is illustrated in the “Highlights of Financial performance” found in this website.

  • Further the challenges and uncertainties in pursuing strategy and its potential implications to the business model are stated annually in the Chairman’s Statement and the Risk Statement in the Bank’s Annual Report.

How do we create value?

  • Our Business model

    • Creating sustainable growth for Stakeholders

Key to creating value for our stakeholders is the use of our resources available to the Bank in the most sustainable way.



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