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Trade Services


Specialized Trade Services in international trade transactions particularly with regard to Export and Imports are available at uab'sTrade Finance Center.

Key products offered are:

  • Import LC
  • Export LC
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Documentary Collections
  • Trade Loans

We maintain strong correspondent banking and trade finance relationship with reputable banks worldwide.

For our customers, uab also offers flexible, short-to-medium term borrowing facilities linked to specific import or export transactions :

  1. Shipping Loan – Pre-shipment
    • Shipping loans – pre-shipment means that the exporter applies for the special short-term financing for the purpose of preparing goods for export based on the export contract or order. The exporter also promises to submit the documents to uab for collection/negotiation after export and to transfer the export accounts receivables to uab in order to repay the financing funds.
  2. Export Bills Discounting
    • A transaction where uab will purchase a bill of exchange or transport documents drawn under a letter of credit or export contract and provide financing to customers.
  3. Import Trust Receipt Loan
    • We provide short-term finance on arrival of goods linked to an import transaction. uab will release the goods to the Importer whilst retaining ownership title to the goods, The Importer is allowed to hold the goods in trust for the bank for additional manufacturing or sales purposes.
  4. Project Financing
    • Project finance is an important means for obtaining finance for procuring and developing assets in industries like mining, power generation, power transmission, telecommunications, transportation and other infrastructure projects. We will help you to maximize opportunity and minimize risk with the right financing fit starting from the importation process up to when it begins to generate cash flows.
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