uab bank x Myanmar Badminton Association: Sponsoring Future Champions

uab bank Announces Sponsorship of Badminton Junior Championships 2024

uab bank is thrilled to announce its main sponsorship of the Badminton Junior Championships 2024, underscoring our commitment to nurturing the growth of Myanmar badminton and supporting the youth sports community.

The event, held from May 1st to 4th, 2024, at the Myanmar National Badminton Sports Federation Hall in Yangon, brought together young talents from across the nation to compete and showcase their skills. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to fostering youth development through sports and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

Dy CEO Kyawt Kay Khaing shared her vision for this sponsorship, stating,
“At uab bank, we believe in empowering the next generation through opportunities that inspire and drive excellence. Our sponsorship of the Badminton Junior Championships is a testament to our commitment to youth development and our belief in the transformative power of sports. We are proud to support these young athletes and look forward to witnessing their growth and success.”

Through this sponsorship, uab bank aims to provide aspiring young athletes with the resources and opportunities they need to excel. We believe in the power of sports to inspire, motivate, and transform lives.

Join us in celebrating the exceptional talent and hard work of Myanmar’s young badminton players as they strive for excellence on the court.

uab bank: Empowering the next generation of champions.