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About Us

uab bank is a leading bank in Myanmar. Established in 2010, we are now serving our customers from a growing network of over 78 branches in 47 townships across Myanmar. uab provides a wide range of financial services including consumer banking, premier banking, SME banking, corporate banking, trade finance and treasury services. Through our subsidiary, uab securities, we also provide brokerage services, corporate and financial advisory, investment banking and capital market activities.
At uab bank, we believe in leading the way towards a better Myanmar, humanising banking, connecting people, creating opportunities and changing lives. In December 2017, uab launched “Be The Change Myanmar” initiative that represents our commitment to driving change for a better Myanmar, specifically focusing on empowering women and children. We believe uab must operate responsibly and be committed to the community we are in.

Our Vision

Our Purpose is to lead the way towards a better Myanmar, humanising banking, connecting people, creating opportunities and changing lifes.

Our Mission

  1. We lead changes in financial services. We are an institution of strength built on sound principles and good governance
  2. We deliver banking with a heart, we care for our people and communities we are in
  3. We connect people and build relationships to foster a stronger community spirit.
  4. We create opportunities and a better future for our staffs and our customers
  5. We are the change that will empower the communities around us, and together enrich the lives of those we touch
Our Values
Connect. Create. Change.
  • A desire to connect
We believe in the power of building strong and meaningful relationships, connecting with fellow uabians, our customers and the community we are in. We strive for success that is inclusive through teamwork and collaboration, valuing each other’s contribution and opinions.
  • A passion to create
We value creativity that constantly seek practical ways to bring improvements, solve problems and simplify banking. We look to innovate and redefine banking in Myanmar, generating new ideas and opportunities for the market and our customers.
  • The courage to lead change
We have the courage to lead change, recognising that change is disruptive yet necessary. We want people who will stand up to their ideas, look forward to the future and challenge the present. We believe in a performance driven culture, yet always having in mind the importance of integrity, stewardship and building a sustainable future for our people and our country.
Above all, our values embody our commitment towards #LeadingChange #HumanisingBanking
Talented, committed and responsible people are important to us and they are in whom our values dwell. They are essential in fulfilling our purpose and completing our mission.  Our values are an integral part of how we recruit, develop, assess and reward our people.
Product Responsibility
Our products and services are designed to meet our Customer's needs
  • Across our businesses, we have checks and balances in place to support adherence to our corporate values and selling practices
  • Products go through a Product Committee process to ascertain that they are tailored to Customer needs and process standards are adhered
  • Employees who interact with customers receive training on product features, Know Your Customer policies and compliance with regulatory requirements 
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