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Please create a strong and unique password and never share it over the phone, in texts, by mails, or in person. Avoid using obvious passcode such as your name, birthdates and your user name etc.  

Never share your password with anyone, including where you receive a call from someone claiming to be from uab bank.

Do not respond to emails asking you for sensitive information such as username, password, card number, CVV, account number, OTP or unlock code.


Skip Public Wi-Fi

If you ever use a public network, like a Wi-Fi hotspot in a coffee shop or anywhere else, be extremely careful. Treat this network as though every page you visit will be monitored, which may expose your personal information, including your usernames and passwords. It is best to do your online banking from the security of a private home network. If you travel often and need to use mobile banking, consider choosing your mobile provider’s data plan for online access. If you have to use public Wi-Fi, another option is to set up a virtual private network, or VPN, to send and receive encrypted data online. When you are on the bank’s website, verify that the page is secure before you submit any personal information.


Online Security

When you are logging in into your account through a mobile app or internet, please ensure it contains the HTTPS, which is a sign of secured web access. This will make sure that your information remains protected against all the vulnerable threats and save from any fraud deals.


Mobile Device Security

Secure your device and configure your device to require a password to gain access. Avoid storing sensitive information such as passwords and keep your computer or mobile device's software up-to-date. Always remember to log-out after an online banking session


Report Suspicious Activity

Regularly monitoring your account activity is a good way to detect fraudulent activity. If you notice unauthorized transactions or activities under your account, contact us immediately. 

We strongly urge you to call us at 01 855 1335 right away if you think your account is at risk. Our staffs will be able to give you immediate help and advice.

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