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UAB Premier


Premier Exclusive of UAB is our enhance range of banking services offering for the high net-worth customers to meet their banking and investment needs. Premier is more than just an account – enjoy “a symphony of banking benefits, unique investment products, personalized service and exclusive lifestyle benefits that bring complete harmony to all customers ‘s financial needs”.

" To become our Premier Exclusive customer, a minimum balance of deposit is 500,000,000 MMK "

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Relationship Managers are dedicated to providing exclusive services and advice for your banking needs. Our Relationship Managers start by putting together a picture of proposed financial services, and then create a bespoke financial strategy designed just for you. This level of personal services means that everyone is treated in a totally personalized manner. 

An accredited and knowledgeable Relationship Manager will 

Premier Exclusive Saving
Saving your money for your business at our Premier Exclusive Lounge

Exclusive lifestyle offers to delight you beyond banking. We have the gorgeous and high-class level of hospitality services, luxury dinning services, health and beauty, international standard health care provider services, motors and vehicles and more.

We offer a customized financial plan, keeping your financial objectives at its core. 

Our bank offers you a wide range of investment options, under one roof, to meet your goals.

At our Premier Exclusive Lounge, key benefits include quick and personalized response for transactions together with the priviledge of using the bank premises for holding meetings.



Exclusive products and services include:

uab's Premier Lounge is exclusively available to Premier Exclusive customers. Situated at Golden Link Condo, Premier Exclusive customers may enjoy your business discussions and private meetiings at the privacy of the Premier Lounge. 
Premier Lounge Address :