• Exchange Rate-16/Aug/2019
  • USD : Buy 1515, Sell 1521
  • EUR Buy 1675, Sell 1685
  • SGD : Buy 1083, Sell 1093

Trade Finance

uab, being one of the best Trade Finance banks in Myanmar is committed to provide tailored financing options. We are also committed to minimizing risk related to our Customer's import and export trade operations both in Myanmar and Internationally.

We help Corporate, Commercial and SME customers to focus on their businesses and compete globally.

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Specialized Trade Services in international trade transactions particularly with regard to Export and Imports are available at uab'sTrade Finance Center.

Key products offered are:

  • Import LC
  • Export LC
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Documentary Collections
  • Trade Loans

We maintain strong correspondent banking and trade finance relationship with reputable banks worldwide.

uab bank brings you a modern and safe banking experience for your International Outward and Inward remittances through our overseas

Through its extensive branch network, domestic interbranch transfers are available at any uab branch or through uab online and uab mobile services on a real-time basis.

Structured Trade Finance

  • Back to back LC
  • Supply Chain Financing