uab Visa Platinum

uab Visa Credit Card offers convenience in payments and can be used at any Visa outlet both in Myanmar and  over 160 countries globally.


1 free lounge access every year

Exclusive discount up to 30%

15 days interest free period from statement date for full payment before due date

Accepted in over 60 million Visa merchants worldwide

How To Apply
  • Age must be 21 years old and above.
  • You can apply at the nearest uab bank branches.
  • Exclusive discount up to 30% at selected uab merchants
  • Enjoy Visa discounts and offers worldwide for both retail and e-commerce
  • Check your purchase transactions in real-time using uab mobile
  • Minimum income of MMK 24 million per annum
Fees and Charges
Category uab Visa Platinum
Issuing Fee 50,000 MMK (Supplementary Card : 25,000 MMK)
Annual Fee 120,000 MMK (Supplementary Card : 60,000 MMK)
PIN Re-issuance 3,000 MMK
Card Lost/ Replacement Fee 15,000 MMK
Interest 18% per annum
if credit card repayment is not paid fully by payment due date
Cash Advance 3.25% interest per month
Cash Withdrawal At uab bank ATM - 5% per transaction (minimum 5,000 MMK)
At other local & overseas bank's ATM - 15% per transaction
Late Fee A minimum of 10,000 MMK or 10% of total outstanding balance as at statement date (whichever is higher), up to a maximum of 20,000 MMK
Balance Enquiry (ATM) 3,000 MMK
Balance Statement Enquiry (Over the Counter) 3,000 MMK
Cross Border Transaction Fee [CBM Reference Rate: 1 USD = 3363]
22.5% per transaction
Card Usage Spending Limit at Ecomm/ POS at Local & Overseas 5,000,000 MMK
a) Personal Guarantee of one person with income (exempted for special cases) b) Documents for Borrower & Guarantor
  • Application Form
  • NRC Copy – Original to verify
  • Copy of Passport
  • Recent Passport Size Photo
  • Copy of Household Registration Letter
  • Recommendation from Head of Quarter
c) Income Proof - For the Employee
  • 3 Months Bank Statement
  • Certificate from Employer
  • Pay Slip (not required, if salary is credited to bank account)
  • Copy of Tax Book
d) Income Proof for Self Employed /Business
  • 6 Months Bank Statement
  • Business License/ Company Registration
  • DICA extract showing shareholder details
  • Previous Year Tax Receipt
  • Site visit by bank staff and assessment of business activity
  • Minimum Monthly Income – MMK 2,000,000
  • Maximum Credit Limit       – MMK 5,000,000

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