At uab bank, we understand that it is our corporate responsibility to build and grow a sustainable environment in which everyone prospers. It is in this environment of inclusiveness and connection with our stakeholders that we are best able to grow our own business and work towards our vision to be a leading bank in Myanmar. Our Board therefore takes this into consideration in its 5-year strategic plan and looks at growth on long term basis ensuring that the Bank is socially responsible financial services provider. 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are made of 17 inter-related SGDs aimed at ending  poverty with zero hunger and ensure the well-being of all peopleuab bank has chosen to focus on 4 SDGs in which we can meaningfully contribute and have the most impactAccordingly, we have Board approved short term and mid-term targets for each of the focussed SDG. We are committed to meet these goals and are devoting significant resources towards this objective. 

Financial Inclusion

Our focus areas:
  • Enabling Homeownership Through Home Loans
  • Providing Digital Solutions
  • Financial Literacy

Job Creation and Enterprise Development

Our focus areas:
  • Financing SMEs
  • Developing Products for Cash Flow Management
  • Opening New Bank Branches to Improve Access to Financial Services

Employee Development and Training

Our focus areas:
  • Regular Training to Employees
  • Trainee Schemes
  • Scholarship and Bursary Support for Children of Employees
  • Providing Internship Opportunities for Students

Customer Satisfaction

Our focus areas:
  • Appropriate and Suitable Products
  • Developing Bancassurance
  • Transparency
  • ESG Policy