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uabpay is the next generation mobile wallet, designed to manage all other wallets and accounts in one application. uabpay is created by using advanced technology to send, receive and make payments for everyone in Myanmar.

uabpay+ is specially designed for Merchants and Agents to facilitate a fast and efficient way of receiving payments from digital apps and QR codes. It also further ensures quick and accurate settlements for the convenience of business owners and managers.

Since we cannot meet up and pay homage to our respectable elders, seniors, and teachers during the time of Myanmar Tradition “Thidingyut” due to COVID-19 pandemic. uab has introduced “e-Garawa”, a new way to celebrate the tradition and share memories.

uab mobile service offers you convenient 24/7 access to your accounts anywhere and at anytime.  You may check your account balances, …

uab bank and Myanmar’s renowned celebrity Sai Sai Kham Leng launched Myanmar’s first Celebrity App to create a digital lifestyle ecosystem designed for today’s needs. It is also created to support the local music & film industry and raise funds for COVID-19.

Open a uab account today and enjoy free online facilities by registration at the link below: