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International Money Transfer

For week 11th to 15th Oct 2021, we are pleased to provide Western Union/RIA services at uab bank branches as shown.

All payments at all our branches are now without limits.

  • Without limits
  • Withdraw cash within a shot time
  • No token required
  • No need to open a bank account (without your consent)
  • No service fee for the receiver
For assistance, please enquire at the branch nearest to you or contact Call Center via Facebook Messenger or Tel: 0 99 4000 5000
NoNameAddressTownshipDivision/ StateContact Ph.no
1Nay Pyi TawNo(3), Corner of Kyaing Tone Road and Mawlamyaing Road, Bank Development Zone, Oaktaya Thiri Township.Oaktaya Thiri Nay Pyi Taw067-417301~10
2LathaNo.(126), Ground Floor, Latha Street, Latha Township.LathaYangon01-373718 ~ 30
ext: 0021~0029
3Saing TanNo.(15/187), 26th (B)Street, Between 87th & 88th Street, Bayint Naung Street, Aungmyaytharzan Township, Mandalay Division.AungmyaytharzanMandalay02-4024810 ~ 24
4Kywe Se KanNo. (32/Ka), 115 Street (Thar Yar Wadi Min Gyee Street), between 74 & 74A St, Pyi Gyi Ta Gon Township, Mandalay Division.Pyi Gyi Ta GonMandalay02-4059945 ~ 56
5TamweNo.(170/A), Banyar Dala Road, Thar Yar Kone Ward, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, Yangon Division.TamweYangon 01-4708000
ext: 0051~0059
6TaunggyiNo.(135), Bogyoke Aung San Road, Myo Ma Quarter, Taunggyi Township, South Shan Division.TaunggyiSouth Shan081-201912 ~ 18, 2124618~19
7MuseNo.(H-90/A), Pyidaungsu main Road, Zay Quarter, Muse Township, North Shan State.MuseNorth Shan082-52927, 52976
8BayintnaungNo.(J/53), Yuzana Street, (1) Quarter, Bayint Naung Warehouse, Mayangone Township, Yangon Division.MayangoneYangon01-682901 ~ 02, 682975, 682626, 682917,682932, 9688862 ~ 68
ext: 0081~0089
9Diamond PlazaNo.(G-097 to G-109), Ground Floor, 78th Street, Between 33rd & 34th Street, Chanayetharzan Township, Mandalay Division.ChanayetharzanMandalay02-4024825 ~ 37
10ThingangyunNo.(S/734), Lay Htaunt Kan Road, H/South Quarter, Thingangyun Township, Yangon Division.ThingangyunYangon01-8550660~64
ext: 0101~0109
11PatheinNo.(64), Maharbandula Road, (3) Quarter, Pathein Township, Ayeyarwaddy Division.PatheinAyeyarwaddy042-23824~30, 22520
12PakokkuNo.(137), Myoe Ma Street, (8) Quarter, Pakokku Township, Magwe Division.PakokkuMagwe062-239761 ~ 65
13PyayNo.(1195/1196), Bogyoke Road, San Taw Quarter, Pyay Township, Bago Division.PyayBago053-24008,27966,25843
14MonywaNo.(52/K), Bogyoke Road, Monywa South Quarter, Monywa Township, Sagaing Division.MonywaSagaing071-2028346 ~ 49
15MeikhtilaNo.(91/E), First Lanmadaw Street & Corner of GEC, Pan Htein Tan Quarter, Meikhtila Township, Mandalay Division.MeikhtilaMandalay064-26445~48
16SanchaungNo.(W-1/2/3/4), Padonmar Stadium, Bargayar Road, Shin Saw Pu Street, Sanchaung Township, Yangon Division.SanchaungYangon01-4708000
ext: 0161~0169
17Mandalay (84)StreetNo.(347), Corner of 37Street & 84Street, Yadanarbonmi West Quarter, Maharaungmyay Township, Mandalay Division.MaharaungmyayMandalay02-4076601 ~ 07
18Mandalay (19)StreetNo.(125), 19th St, Between 86th & 87th St, Aungmyaetharzan Township, Mandalay Division.AungmyaytharzanMandalay02-4030845~47, 4024839~38
19Mandalay ( 12)StreetNo.(40), 12th St, Between 79th & 80th St, Amarahtarni West Ward, Aungmyaytharzan Township, Mandalay Division.AungmyaytharzanMandalay02-4075672~76
20Hlaing Thar Yar (Sein Gay Har)Sein Gay Har Shopping Center, 2nd Floor, No (21/B), Mingyi Mahar Min Khaung Street, Yayoakkan Ward, Hlaing Thar Yar Township,
Yangon Region.
Hlaing Thar Yar TownshipYangon01-4708000
Ext: 0841 - 0846
21KyeemyindaingNo.(494-A), Kyeemyindaing Kanner Road, Thida Quarter, Kyeemyindaing Township, Yangon Division.KyeemyindaingYangon01-2301668~ 74, 2301671~73
22Tamwe(Myin Pyaing Kwin)No.(40), East Race Course Road, Tamwe Gyi (2)Quarter, Tamwe Township, Yangon Division.TamweYangon01-8604348 ~ 51
ext: 0221~0229
23North DagonNo.(17/KA, KHA), Pinlon Road, (29)Quarter, North Dagon Township, Yangon Division.North DagonYangon01-3511091 ~ 97
ext: 0231~0239
24Phone Gyi StreetNo.(91), Phone Gyi Road (Middle Block), Lanmadaw Township, Yangon Division.LanmadawYangon01-2301833~38
25ShwegonedaingNo.(22/A), Gabaraye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township, Yangon Division.BahanYangon01-4708000
Ext - 0251~ 0256

26HlaingNo.(78), Yangon-Insein Road, Hlaing Township, Yangon Division.HlaingYangon01-2305153 ~ 59
ext: 0261~0269
27Botahtaung (Thein Phyu)No.(156), Thein Phyu Road, Botahtaung Township, Yangon Division.BotahtaungYangon01-299428,202849
ext: 0271~0279
28Insein (Saw Bwar Gyi Kone)No.(134-1/2), Saw bwar gyi gone warehouse and commercial vehicle terminal, Insein Township, Yangon Divison.InseinYangon01-9640179, 9640309, 9640310
ext: 0281~0289
29Monywa(Chindwin Yadanar Market)Chin Dwin Yadanar High Market, First floor, North Market, Monywa Township, Sagaing Division.MonywaSagaing071-26212-14
30KyaukpadaungNo.(F-285) , Kyauk Pa Daung - Yay Nan Chaung Road, San Pya Quarter, Kyaukpadaung Township, Mandalay Division.KyaukpadaungMandalay061-52223 ~ 29
31MagweNo.(554/561), (553/562), Pyi Taw Thar Road, Yan Myo Aung Quarter, Aung Chan Thar Quarter , Magwe Township, Magwe Division.MagweMagwe063-2028607~13
32MyingyanNo.(103), 8th Road, (7) Ward, Myingyan Township, Mandalay Division.MyingyanMandalay066-2022829,2022751, 2022064, 2022698,2022584
33LashioNo.(G-14/5) , Ward (7), Thein Ni Street, Lashio Township, North Shan State.LashioNorth Shan082-2202645, 2202546, 2202970
34Yankin (Shwe Ohn Pin)Building(41), Room(01/02), Yankin Palm Village Housing, Yan Shin Road, (5)Quarter, Yankin Township, Yangon Division.YankinYangon01-8605312~18
ext: 0341~0349
35North Okkalapa (Wai Pon La)Building(1), Room(01), Waiponla housing, Khaymarthi Road, Near North Okkala Circle, North Okkalapa Township, Yangon Division.North OkkalapaYangon 01-9691743, 9692237,9691563
ext: 0351~0359
36Pazundaung (Yae Kyaw)No.(54) , Corner of Yay Kyaw Road and U Shwe Gon Road, (7)Quarter,Pazundaung Township, Yangon Division.PazundaungYangon018297370 , 018293254
ext: 0361~0369
37Mandalay (35)StreetNo.(413-A/5) , Building (A-1), 35street, between 70 & 71 street,Mahar Nwezin Quarter, Maharaungmyay Township, Mandalay Division.MaharaungmyayMandalay02-4039684,2832029,2832399
38Mingalar ZayBuilding (9), Mingalar Market, Corner of 73street & 31street, Yan Myo Lon Quarter, Chanayetharzan Township, Mandalay Division.ChanayetharzanMandalay02-4067457~60
39PyigyimingalarBuilding (10), Road No (H), Between 63rd Street & 65thStreet, Pyigyimingalar Cargo Express Complex, Amarapura Township, Mandalay Division.AmarapuraMandalay02-5155127~31
40South Dagon(Industry Zone)No.(1490), Pyi Htaung Su Road, South Dagon Township, Yangon Division.South DagonYangon01-8100747~ 49, 01-8100752~53
ext: 0401~0409
41Yankin (Kyauk Kone)No.(20), Aung Zay Ya Road, (14)Quarter, Kyauk Kone,Yankin Township, Yangon Division.YankinYangon01-3560152~53,01-73301128~129,7330153
ext: 0411~0419
42PebedanNo.(628/636), Room No.(001), Merchant Road, Between (29) street and (30) street, No.(6)Quarter, Pabedan Township, Yangon Division.PabedanYangon01-8372720,8372760,8372764
ext: 0421~0429
43Nan ShaeNo.(14), 62 Road, Between 18 and 19 street, DawnaBwar Ward, Aungmyaytharzan Township, Mandalay Division.AungmyaytharzanMandalay02-4061004, 61057, 61059
44AmarapuraNo.(597), Ohh Taw Kwin (TheinGyi) Ward, Amarapura Township, Mandalay Division.AmarapuraMandalay02-4059301,59302, 59689
45North Okkalapa(Thiriyadanar)No.(F-12/13), Wholesale & Retail and highway complex (Thiriyadanar),"L" Quarter, North Okkalapa Township, Yangon Division.North OkkalapaYangon01-9690435, 9691561, 9692027,9691448
ext: 0451~0459
46TaungooNo.(87), Bo Mhuu Phoe Kon Street, (16) Quarter, Taungoo Township, Bago Division.TaungooBago054-25243, 25339, 25010
47AungbanNo.(43), Pyi Htuang Su Road, (4) Quarter, Aungban Township, South Shan State.AungbanSouth Shan081-61303~05
48Ahlone(Lower Kyeemyindaing Road)No.(289), Lower Kyimyindaing Road, Alone Township, Yangon Division.AloneYangon01-2302446~48
ext: 0481~0489
49Mayangone (Thamine Station Road)No.(35/A), Thamine Station Road, (2)Quarter, Mayangone Township, Yangon Division.MayangoneYangon01-9669238 ~40
ext: 0491~0499
50Mingalar Taung Nyunt(Myanmar Gone Yi)No.(141), Myanmagoneyi Road, Mingalartaungnyunt Township, Yangon Division.MingalartaungnyuntYangon01-8381102, 8381475, 8381430
51Thuwunna (Kamarkyi)No.(5), Building No(G-B), Kamarkyi Road, Yangon Thit Quarter, Thuwana, Thingangyun Township, Yangon Division.ThingangyunYangon01-2331063 ၊ 2331076 ၊ 2331113
ext: 0511~0519
52North Dagon (Yarza Dirit Road)No.(Hta -138), Yarzaa Dirit Road, (39)Quarter, North Dagon Township, Yangon Division.North DagonYangon01-4708000
ext: 0521~0529
53Kamaryut (Hledan)No.(89), Hledan Road, Kamaryut Township, Yangon Division.KamaryutYangon01-537021, 537117
ext: 0531~0539
54South Okkalapa (Thanthumar Road)No.(969/Kha), (13)Quarter, Than Thu Mar Road, South Okkalapa Township, Yangon Division.South OkkalapaYangon01-8500849, 8500851~54
55Kamaryut (Times City)Times City Office Tower (3), Kyuntaw Street, Kamayut Township, Yangon.KamaryutYangon01-4708000 Ext 0551~0556
56Kyauktada (Sule Square)
No.(221), Sule Square, Level -2, Unit # 02-01, Sule Pagoda Road, KyauktadaTownship, Yangon Division.KyauktadaYangon01-4708000
ext: 0561~0569
57Kyeemyindaing (Pann Pin Gyi Street)No.(12), Pan Pin Gyi Road, Ma Gyee Tan South Quarter, Kyimyindaing Township, Yangon Division.KyimyindaingYangon01-9317889~93
58Dagon (Nawaday Street)No.(24/B), Nawaday Street, Yaw Min Gyi Quarter , Dagon Township, Yangon Division.DagonYangon01-8370266 ~ 67, 8370218
59Lanmadaw (War Dan Street)No.(47), War Tan Street, Lanmataw Township, Yangon Division.LanmadawYangon01-2302462,2302465,2302466
60Botahtaung (Bo Myat Htun Street) No.(251, 253), Bo Myat Htun Street, Botahtuang Township, Yangon Division.BotahtaungYangon01-8398676,8290958,8293073,8202648
ext: 0601~0609
61Mandalay (83)StreetNo.(268) , 83 street, between 28 and 29 street, Chan Aye Thar Zan Middle Quarter, Chanayetharzan Township, Mandalay Division.ChanayetharzanMandalay02-4069245~49
62Kyauk Sit TanNo.(613), 84 street, between 44 street and 45 street, Maharaungmyay Township, Mandalay Division.MaharaungmyayMandalay02-4076701~05
63Pyin Oo LwinNo.(60/B), U Paing No.(24) D, (6) Street,Near Khae Lal Kyaung, (7)Quarter, , Pyin Oo Lwin Township, Mandalay Division.Pyin Oo LwinMandalay085-2028279, 2028326, 2023303~05
64Shwebo No.(6/8), Aung Zeya Street, (6) Ward, Thakhuttaw Block, Shwebo Township, Mandalay.ShweboSagaing01-4708000
Ext - 0791~ 0796
65Industry ZoneU Paing (66), between 62 street and Yadanar Street, Industrial Zone (1), Pyigyitagon Township , Mandalay Division.PyigyitagonMandalay02-5154738~39,5154749,5154750,5154751
66Thaketa (Ayer Wun Road)No.(72-B , 73-A), Ayer Wun Road, (7) East Quarter , Thaketa Township, Yangon.ThaketaYangon01-558783, 558778~79
ext: 0661~0669
67Latha (Strand Road)No.(408/412), Corner of Strand Road and 19th Road, Latha Township, Yangon Division.LathaYangon01-2303256~59
ext: 0671~679
68Mandalay (80Street-Chinatown)No.(594), (80) street (Between 28 street and 29 street), Chanayetharzan Township, Mandalay Division.ChanayetharzanMandalay02 -4069283~87
69Central Point BranchCentral Point Shopping Mall, Ground Floor, (Unit 127 Promotion Area) 62 street between Manawhari Street & Khaing Shwe War street, Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)MandalayMandalay‎+95 1 470 8000 ext. 0691 ~ 0696
70Mingalar Taung Nyunt(Banyardala Road)No.(82/84), Banyardala Road, Mingalartaungnyunt Township, Yangon Division.MingalartaungnyuntYangon01-8619601~03
ext: 0701~0709
71Pazundaung(Mahabandula-54 Street)No.(162/164), Mahabandula Road, Pazundaung Township, Yangon Division.PazundaungYangon01-202771 , 203471,294493,297435
72Bahan (New University Avenue Road)No.(441-B-1), New University Avenue Road, Bahan Township, Yangon Division.BahanYangon01-8605582 ~ 85
ext: 0721~0729
73Latha (Shwedagon Pagoda Road)No.(97), ShweDagon Pagoda Road, (7)Quarter, Latha Township, Yangon Division.LathaYangon01-242348,01-240134,240149, 210414, 242661
ext: 0731~0739
74South Okkalapa(Nandawin Market)No.(587/B), Thumingalar Road, (5)Quarter, South Okkalapa Township, Yangon Division.South OkkalapaYangon01-8500881 ~ 86
75Tatkone BranchNo.(646), Thurain Road, Bominyaung Quarter, Tatkone Township, Naypyitaw Division.TatkoneNay Pyi Taw067-8071155 ~ 59
76Kyauktada (Pansodan Street)No.(186/188), Pansoedan Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon Division.KyauktadaYangon01-8378178,8378431,8391481
ext: 0761~0769
77Insein (Pauktawwa)No.(91/A), Coner of Bayinnaung Road & Myot Thit (2)Street, Myot Thit (Ka) Quarter, Insein Township, Yangon Division.InseinYangon01-3643037, 3643083, 3643150
78Bahan (Dhamazedi Road)No.(456/B), Golden Link Condo, Dhamazedi Road, Bahan Township, Yangon Division.BahanYangon01-504571,504607,504297,504448
79MyeikNo(98), Bogyoke Street, Seit Ngwe Quarter, Myeik Township.Myeik Tanintharyi01-4708000
Ext - 0801~ 0806
80Mawlaymyine (Strand Hotel)Strand Hotel, Between Lower Main Road and Strand Road, Phat Tan Quarter, Strand Road, Mawlamyine Township, Mon State.MawlamyineMon01-4708000
Ext - 0821~ 0826
81ThanlyinNo(129), Bogyoke Nay Win street, Thanlyin Township, Yangon.Thanlyin Yangon01-4708000
Ext - 0831 ~ 0836
82 KalayNO. (41/3), Oo Paing No. (160), Bogyoke Street, Taung Zalat Ward, Kalay Township, Kalay District, Kalay Region.Kalay Kalay 01-4708000
Ext: 0811~16