Supply Chain Finance Solutions

uab supply chain financing solutions support the entire supply chain flow between a customer and business partners through Receivable Discounting and Payable Finance Solutions.
These solutions help lower operational and administrative costs because the bank helps with payments and collections from business partners. Each solution offers both Buyers and Suppliers the opportunity to improve and protect their working capital.

Payable Finance Solution

A Buyer (You) Centric Solution in which uab bank agrees to finance or pay to your Suppliers on behalf of You based on your confirmation and You can repay uab bank at extended credit or invoice due date to optimize working capital and enhance efficiency in your supply chain.

Receivable Discounting Solution

Solution in favor of You (Seller) in which uab bank agrees to purchase individual or multiple receivables from You so that you can unlock working capital from invoices. The buyers will repay uab bank at due date through your account with uab.