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Personal Loan


Hassle free personal loans for salaried individuals, with minimum monthly salary of MMK 250,000 & individuals with permanent source of income.

uab Personal Loans are offered at select locations in Yangon & Mandalay and the support of two (2) guarantors will be required.


  • Repayment period up to 3 years with monthly installments
  • Maximum Loan amount MMK 10 Mn.


  • Eligibility

a) Permanent  employees , completed minimum 2 years of  service   in  the following  institutions

1. Government  / Semi Govt  institutions

2. Central Bank  and   other  Banks  in Myanmar 

3. JV  companies  /  Foreign Companies

4. Other  reputed  Myanmar  companies 

5. Government  schools/colleges

6. Reputed  private  schools /colleges

    Maximum  10  months  gross  salary subject to maximum loan of MMK 10 million                                                                                      

b) Individuals having other source of income such as business, self employed, doctors, lawyers, consultants , etc.

  • Security

Personal Guarantees  of two (2) guarantors.


Documents Required at the time of Application

1) Loan  application for  salary loan

2) KYC documents  of borrower & Guarantors

3) Salary  certificate/ Certificate  from  employer  ( in case of employees)

4) Income proof , such as Income Tax return , Balance sheet , account statement etc ( in case of applicants other than employees)


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