Press Release

Contribution of MMK 300 million worth of cash and relief items for flood victims at Sidoketaya District in Magway state

On August 14th to 16th, 2015, a special aid program by UAB Bank was undertaken targeted towards  thirty-one (31) flood affected villages surrounding Sidoketaya in Magway State. The heavy monsoonal rain which started on second week of July resulted in the worst flooding in over 50 years particularly in the  upper parts of Myanmar.

In response to the urgent need for extensive aid and post flood relief, UAB Bank assembled a team of volunteers from amongst its employees and undertook village to village visits distributing parcels of basic food and medicines. Besides food and medicines, each household was also allocated MMK 50,000 in cash in order to be able meet immediate needs.

In all, a sum of MMK 300 million was contributed to support 3,000 households in the 31 villages at Sidoketaya. It is hoped that this initial relief program will provide support to these villages that have already begun to rebuild their lives after the floods.