Cash Management and account keeping in the form of Current Accounts, Call Deposit Accounts and Fixed Deposits are available to Corporates.

uab also offers a number of Multicurrency options with these deposit accounts. 

Current Account

For business with high volume of transactions and payments to be made regularly every month,Current Accounts are an ideal day-to-day transactional account. 

Multicurrency alternatives are available in MMK, USD, EURO and SGD.

Super Call Deposit Account

A call deposit account offers you the opportunity to earn interest on daily balances. This type of account is especially useful for businesses to earn an interest in account balances whilst at the same time enjoy instant access to your funds.

Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposit accounts which range from 30 days to 365 days provide flexibility to Corporates to earn a yield on their excess cash. Placements may be made in MMK and USD.


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