Manager Conference 2019

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Manager Conference 2019

After the completion of the Business Plan by the Bank’s Management Committee, the Annual Managers Conference is called bringing various leaders from Head Office and Branches to an off-site to discuss the implementation of the business plan and the longer strategic direction of the Bank.​

This year’s Conference is in Heritage Bagan Hotel. ​

Day 1 – the delegates from all over Myanmar checked into the hotel to prepare for the Conference.​

Day 2 – In the 1st part of the  Day 2, uabians engaged in Team Building, bringing the many parts of our organisation together. uabians of different ages, nationality and background together all working towards the common purpose of Connect.Create.Change. ​

On the 2nd part of Day 2, the participants reviewed the Bank’s performance, Business Plan and its longer term strategy.​

Day 3 – Workshops on Sales and Design Thinking were held to upgrade the skills of participants to prepare for the new direction that uab bank will take.​

Traditionally the Dinner at our Annual Managers Conference​
is a themed affair and Conference participants are required to dress creatively to reflect the theme of the evening. This year’s theme was “Super Hero” which is line with the Conference theme “Rise Above”. uabians attending this year’s dinner were truly creative as reflected in the costumes they wore to celebrate an evening of fun and friendship.​

Day 4 – delegates engaged in a team building exercise entitled “Spaghetti Mashmallow Challenge”. This is primarily a learning exercise about the importance of design in formulating products and solutions.​

In closing, the delegates were reminded of the uab bank’s Purpose and Values and resolved in line with the Conference theme to “Rise Above”.​