Celebrate the 96th Waso Chinlone Festival with uab bank

uab bank proudly supports the 96th Waso Chinlone Festival, held at the historic Mahamuni Pagoda in Mandalay from June 22nd to July 21st. This annual event is a vibrant celebration of Myanmar’s rich cultural heritage and community spirit.

The Art and Tradition of Chinlone
Chinlone, often described as a combination of sport and dance, is a traditional game that has been an integral part of Myanmar’s culture for centuries. Played with a cane ball, chinlone is a graceful, non-competitive sport that emphasizes teamwork, agility, and artistic expression. The festival features mesmerizing traditional chinlone performances, showcasing the grace and skill of Myanmar’s players. It offers a unique opportunity to experience a cherished cultural tradition up close.
uab bank - Supporting Our Heritage and Community
At uab bank, we believe in the importance of preserving and celebrating the rich traditions that define our nation’s identity. By supporting the Waso Chinlone Festival, we aim to contribute to the cultural preservation and community spirit that chinlone embodies. Our commitment to supporting such events reflects our dedication to the communities we serve and our desire to foster a sense of pride and continuity in Myanmar’s cultural heritage.
We invite everyone to come and experience the enchanting world of chinlone, celebrating the artistry and heritage that makes Myanmar unique.