Sustainability / People / Work-Life Balance

We work for our employees

uabians way of life involves initiatives to find balance, meaning and success, both at work and outside of it. We know our employees spend significant amount of time at work today, and thus company must work for them also. We do this by finding healthy work-life balance, job rotations and giving opportunities that lead to professional growth.

The ideal of work life balance has been embedded in the interior design of our new Head Office:

The space has been designed to create an inclusive environment, spark creativity and make working more enjoyable for employees.

We offer flexibility

Flexible Working Hours

We offer flexible working hours to employees who are unable to meet the regular office hours for individual reasons. We also offer certain positions, which are eligible for part-time employment.


Sabbatical leave is provided for valid and compelling reasons, not limiting to below:

  • For education and/or other career development activities
  • For family, to take care for immediate family
  • For medical reasons
  • As an extension after delivery

Extended Maternity Leave

Women are allowed to combine their earned leave along with maternity leave to avail an extended break after delivery. Further, where the attending doctor recommends for medical leave immediately after the maternity leave, such cases are also reviewed by Management on case to case basis.

Health and Safety

We are committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for our employees, contractors, customers and visitors on Bank’s premises. Further, employees are expected to take ownership of their safety and are encouraged to report any concerns.

We are committed to continuous improvement on our health and safety management system and will ensure that:

  • We develop a culture where all employees and stakeholders take responsibility for health and safety of themselves and others.
  • We provide sufficient and appropriate resources to meet our commitments and ensure adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities.
  • We ensure that everyone at uab bank can proactively identify, manage, and eliminate hazards in workplace to prevent accidents and work-related ill health including (but not limited to) ensuring cleanliness, good hygiene practices, physical signs to highlight risk, adequate lighting and avoid incidences of slippery floors.
  • We register all eligible employees with the national social security scheme so that health and safety benefits contained therein will be available to them.
  • Appropriate training, briefing and information is provided.
  • Employees are encouraged to raise safety issues and concerns.