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Tax Strategy

We are committed to making economic contributions to our community through paying our fair share in taxes together with the compulsory deduction of taxes from our employees. We endorse the B Team Responsible Tax Principles which were developed through dialogue with a group of leading companies, along with involvement from civil society, investors and representatives from international institutions.

Our Tax Strategy

Our Tax Strategy is based on:

  • Paying our fair share of tax
  • Effective interaction with tax authorities
  • Transparency with regard to our tax affairs

We contributed MMK 4.29 billion to tax coffers of Myanmar as Income Tax for Financial Year 2018-2019.

Our Tax Principles

  1. Compliance
    We always act in accordance with all applicable laws
  2. Transparency
    We regularly put forward, understandable, timely and transparent communications about total tax payments
  3. Structure
    We do not use contrived or abnormal tax structure that are intended for tax avoidance
  4. Tax Heavens
    Secrecy jurisdictions or tax-heavens are not used for tax avoidance
  5. Relationship with Government and Tax Authorities
    We maintain cordial relationship with government and tax authorities

Managing our tax risk

One way for us to manage our tax exposure or risk, is to be as current as possible in agreeing the final tax liability for the tax year with the tax authority , so we monitor and minimize the number of open tax years where final agreement has not been reached.