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uab as your Preferred Employer

At uab, we pride ourselves for the people we have.  They are our talents, our most valuable asset, whom the Bank pledges to grow and develop along with the growth of the Bank. 

Our recruitment philosophy is simple, yet meaningful. As we all know, most people spend a substantial part of their time at work, and being in a job or role that is not aligned to one’s interest – the experience can be tormenting. At uab, our core focus in recruitment is to understand Your Interest, Your Strength and importantly – Your Career Aspirations. This is our recruitment proposition to you. 

uab don’t just offer jobs,
We offer CAREERS.

Our intense recruitment process will help you uncover what is meaningful to you, and, at our very best, we advise you on the various jobs or roles that may best suited to you.  We believe in long term growth and sustainably – a job is a job unless you make it your career. 

At uab – we give you career options, you make your career decisions