Press Release

uab bank Leading Change with Enhanced Leave Benefit for Employees

Myanmar, 30 April 2019 – uab bank today announced changes to the bank’s leave policy in recognition of the contribution of the employees and in commemorating the celebration of Labour Day on 1st May 2019. The enhanced leave benefits for employees would do away with the “wrap” requirements in practice today, where public holidays and weekends preceding and succeeding the leave taken are counted as leave taken. This change applies to both earned leave and casual leave, and employees at uab bank will be able to enjoy the full number of leave days they have for the year.

Commenting on the enhanced leave benefits, uab bank CEO Christopher Loh said:

“At uab, we constantly look at improving the well-being of our employees as part of our commitment of being a responsible employer. Various initiatives have been done including townhalls, engagement sessions, trainings, performance-based rewards and a record number of promotions especially for our junior staff to cope with the cost of living. Over the last 12 months, we have promoted a total of 419 junior staff, representing approximately 75% of our junior workforce (junior & senior assistants).

This enhanced leave benefit is part of our ongoing efforts to recognize our employee’s contribution and encourage them to take the necessary time off to recharge and to spend quality time with their loved ones. We hope that by doing so, this would encourage more employers to consider changing this local practice of counting “wrapped” public holidays and weekends as leave days.

Labour Day is a day to remember the efforts and dedication of our employees. I would like to thank each and every uabians who had tirelessly contributed to the success of uab and wish everyone a Happy Labour Day!”