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Deposit Accounts

What is Children’s and Teenager’s account?

A number of deposit accounts are available for children and teenagers which can opened with their Parents or legal guardian. Teenager account can link their account with a Teenager’s Debit card subject to the approval of their Parents or legal guardian.

How USD Debit Card works?

USD Debit card is linked to your USD account and allows you to withdraw the cash in local currency at any uab or MPU ATM

What type of accounts that I can link to my Debit card (MPU)?

ATM card (MPU) can link with current, saving, or smart saver account as you prefer

What is an MPU Debit card?

uab bank currently offers a debit card co-branded with Myanmar Payment Union (MPU) which allows you to buy goods or services through merchants with MPU POS machine and withdraw cash at any over 2,000 MPU ATMs in Myanmar

Can I link my current account with any other account?

Yes, you can link current account with normal saving account


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