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Trade Loans


We maintain strong correspondent banking and trade finance relationship with reputable banks worldwide. For our customers uab offers flexible, short-to-medium term borrowing facilities linked to specific import or export transactions across the world.

An international trade transaction typically will begin with the issuance of Letters of Credit or an International Fund Transfer through SWIFT for receipt or alteratively payment of the goods. uab through its Trade Center provides these services. 

A Trade Loan will thereafter be structured and uab offers you a range of financing options.


  • Shipping Loan – Pre-shipment

Shipping loans or pre-shipment financing means that the exporter applies for special short-term financing for the purpose of preparing goods for export. The exporter will upon completing the export, subsequently submit the export documents to uab for collection/negotiation. The proceeds of funds from the exports received by uab will be used to repay the financing funds.

  • Export Bills Discounting

A transaction where banks purchases a bill of exchange or transport documents drawn under a letter of credit or export contract and provide financing to customers.

  • Import Trust Receipt Loan

We provide short-term finance, linked to your trading cycle. Import finance can help you to bridge any working capital gap created by the time difference between paying suppliers and receiving payment from buyers.

  • Project Financing

Project finance is available for procuring and importing assets in industries like mining, power generation, power transmission, telecommunications, transportation and other infrastructure projects. We will help you to maximize opportunity and minimize risk with the right financing fit.

  • Syndication Loan

For major and large projects, uab can provide medium or long-term loan jointly provided by multiple banks under one single loan agreement. uab may act either as an agent bank or security agent or alternatively as an arranger.

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