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Client Satisfaction

At uab bank, we want to be a company you want to do business with. Our clients are at the centre of everything we do, and this is central to our sustainable strategy. Our Code of Ethics and our commitment to transparency is key to winning loyal customers.

Our Values
  • We will keep our dealing with our clients confidential
  • Our staffs are encouraged to place the interest of the client before their own interest or that of Bank
  • We believe in fair and equitable treatment of clients
  • We maintain the integrity of the information provided by you
You can read more on our values here:

If you see or if someone informs you of an action or situation relating to uab bank Limited which might be contrary to the provisions or values or standards set out in Code of Ethics, even if it does not come under your direct scope of responsibility, report it, in one of the following manners:
Report the incident through the Whistleblowing Channel by email on [email protected] or by SMS on 09 – 44 44 36 309
No-one who reports in good faith any facts or activities through the Whistleblowing Channel will be the target of reprisals nor will they suffer any other adverse consequence as a result.

Our Product Principles

At uab bank, we only undertake activities where the bank is satisfied that a particular product or service is appropriate and suitable for a particular customer.
We do not carry any sales when it becomes obvious that the customers

  • Do not need the product
  • Can not afford the product mid to long term
  • Has not understood the product or
  • The risk profile of the product does not match to the customer

You can read more on our product principles here:
Product Responsibility Statement

To avoid adverse reputation impacts, we observe following:

  • We don’t use or encourage use of or deal with anyone who uses, child labour
  • We observe UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
  • We have implemented strong internal control to avoid our Bank being used as a vessel for money laundering and terrorist financing