Sustainability  /  Strategy / Values

Over the years, our three core values have served as our compass, guiding us to become best in the business.

  • A desire to Connect
    We believe in the power of building strong and meaningful relationships, connecting with fellow uabians, our customers and the community we are in. We strive for success that is inclusive through teamwork and collaboration, valuing each other’s contribution and opinions
  • A passion to Create
    We value creativity that constantly seek practical ways to bring improvements, solve problems and simplify banking. We look to innovate and redefine banking in Myanmar, generating new ideas and opportunities for the market and our customers
  • The courage to lead Change
    We have the courage to lead change, recognising that change is disruptive yet necessary. We want people who will stand up to their ideas, look forward to the future and challenge the present. We believe in a performance driven culture, yet always having in mind the importance of integrity, stewardship and building a sustainable future for our people and our country

Above all, our values embody our commitment towards.

#LeadingChange #HumanisingBanking