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uab bank and SAM leads Corporate Effort to increase Myanmar’s COVID-19 Vaccines Support

Yangon 26th January 2021 – uab bank Limited announces a corporate effort to raise funds for the purchase of COVID-19 Vaccines as the lead organiser together with Singapore Association of Myanmar (SAM) as a Co-Organiser. This effort will be made through uab Foundation and SAM COVID-19 Response campaign to improve the availability and reach of vaccines for all in Myanmar.

With the aim of supporting, uab bank shall;

  • Commit an initial amount of MMK 250 Million with SAM committing MMK 25 Million from its SAM Covid-19 Response campaign fund.
  • Invite Business Partners, Corporate Groups, Celebrities to pool together their resources to raise funds into this Pool Account over a donation period.
  • Make available an account for the members of the public to contribute and for this category, uab bank will double any donation received up to the available funds in the Pool Account.
  • In case, the Pool Account has an excess funds remaining at the end of the donation period, such amount shall also be transferred to donation account.

Donation in MMK or US Dollar can be made at any uab bank branches or electronically through SaiSai Pay, uabpay, uab Mobile or uab Online. Interbank deposits through CBM-Net can also be made into the accounts.

U Ne’ Aung; Chairman of uab bank said, “We are very delighted to lead this COVID-19 Vaccine Support and Fundraising Campaign together with our friends as Co-organisers, distinguished celebrities’ partners, customers and our employees. And we also would like to invite all the citizens to take part in this humanitarian campaign by contributing any amount that they could afford. We need greater collaboration and support from everyone to fight against the deadliest COVID-19 Virus, and this is also all our moral responsibilities for the vaccines to be available at wider level. Together we can create a big impact to change for people in Myanmar and it is in our hands to make a difference.”   

Lee Leong Seng; President of SAM, reiterated, “We are extremely pleased to be the co-organizer of COVID-19 Vaccination Support campaign. It is synergistic and aligns with the next phase of SAM COVID-19 Response campaign. Besides providing MMK 23 Million worth of personal protective equipment to frontline medical workers and MMK 26 Million worth of relief food packs to 1,900 Yangon families in hardship, the new phase which include collaborating with uab bank, will see us adapting to the new development by providing vaccination against the virus. We are humbled and grateful to our members and friends who came forward and donated generously to our cause and we hope they will continue to support us to vaccinate the nation against the virus.”

Daw Khin Moe Nyunt; Chairperson of uab Foundation said, “We are very mindful that giving back to the communities we are in is not an option, but a responsibility that must be incorporated in our business operations”. uab bank initiated the Be “The Change Myanmar” Programme in December 2017, and in 2020 we have established the uab Foundation to further demonstrate our commitment to build a better future for the communities we are in, across the Myanmar. To do so, we need everyone’s support, as we couldn’t afford to help everyone, but everyone can afford to help most of all. At the end of the day, it is not about what you have or even what you have accomplished, it is all about who you have lifted up, who you have made better and what you have given back. We will continue to drive uab bank’s commitment to empower women, youth, children, and the community across Myanmar.  

For transparency, a weekly announcement will be made on, uab Facebook page and by our media partner, Myanmar Media 7 Facebook page on the amount donated and amount topped up by uab bank.

The donation period will start on 26th January 2021 and ends on 31st March 2021. All donations will be forwarded to the Ministry of Health & Sports.

uab bank and SAM wish to express its appreciation and thanks to its Partners

About our Partners

Celebrity Partners:

  • Sai Sai Kham Leng
  • Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi
  • Paing Takhon
  • Pan Yaung Chel
  • ALFA
  • Thet Htar Thuzar

Media Partner

  • Myanmar Media 7

Account Details

Public Donation Account

Account Name: COVID-19 Vaccine Support Fund Account

  1. 016 01 21 0035 1471 (USD)
  2. 016 01 01 0001 4624 (MMK)

“I am privileged to be a part of this program and contribute to the community we are in.” Sai Sai Kham Leng

“Big or small, the participation of everyone in this program is valuable and appreciated. I really want to make a difference together with my beloved fans. Let’s support our people and our country together.” Pan Yaung Chel

It is a saying that thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle. I believe that a small action of every fan will make a huge difference for someone else. Please donate with Kit.” Wutt Hmone Shwe Yi

The fight against COVID-19 needs everyone’s participation and commitment. I would like to invite all my fans to donate for it together with me. Let’s be a proud citizen together.” Paing Takhon

Youth are the hope of our nation and we are the asset of our country. Our country needs us, so we need to take a step and contribute for the country. Do participate with this campaign, all our fans.” ALFA

One thing I am proud to do, being a girl representing my country in the Olympics. We should all aspire to be good citizens of our country, and of the world. I would like to invite all the citizens to be part of this campaign” Thet Htar Thu Zar

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About uab bank

uab bank is a leading bank in Myanmar, recognised for its successful transformation and leadership in the Myanmar banking sector amidst the regulatory changes and governance requirements. uab bank was named “Myanmar’s Best Bank” by Euromoney over 2019 and 2020, “Best Retail Bank Myanmar 2020” by Retail Banker International and “Most Transparent Large Company in Myanmar” by Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business.

In August 2020, uab bank was named amongst “Best Companies to work in Myanmar – Employees Choice” and in December 2020 was ranked 1st in the 2020 Pwint Thit Sa (TiME) Report published by Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business.

Established in 2010, we are now serving our customers from a growing network of over 78 branches in 47 Townships across Myanmar. uab provides a wide range of financial services including consumer banking, premier banking, SME banking, corporate banking, trade finance and treasury services. Through our subsidiary uab securities, we also provide brokerage services, corporate and financial advisory, investment banking and capital market activities.

At uab bank, we believe in leading the way towards a better Myanmar, humanising banking, connecting people, creating opportunities, and changing lives. In December 2017, uab launched “Be The Change Myanmar” initiative that represents our commitment to driving change for a better Myanmar, specifically focusing on empowering women and children. We believe uab must operate responsibly and be committed to the community we are in.

About SAM

SAM was founded in 1993 to promote social, recreational, cultural, educational, charitable, and business-related activities for its members in Myanmar and to promote ties between Singapore and Myanmar. In 2020, SAM launched SAM COVID-19 Response campaign, an emergency relief initiative by SAM to support the ongoing fight against the pandemic in Myanmar. SAM commits to donate US$50,000, and our goal is to raise a similar amount from SAM members and friends, to double the impact of our COVID-19 Response initiative. Donations received will be allocated to causes identified by SAM based on emerging needs, at SAM’s discretion.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Saung Oo Nwe

Head of Sales & Marketing

09 4 20 20 11 70