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Our Strategic Priorities

Driven by our Purpose (Vision) and Mission, the strategic priorities of the Bank are listed below.

1. Delivering strong performance
      • Continued focus on the theme of “Rebrand, Refresh & Revenue Growth”;
      • Positive performance in key financial indicators;
      • Prudent management of liquidity, assets, capital and risk;
      • Resilience through balance sheet quality; and
      • Delivering relevant financial solutions designed to suit customer lifestyles, life stages and aspirations
2. Bringing digital banking to consumers & businesses
      • Delivering simple, fast and seamless banking experiences to customers and businesses across different touchpoints and digital platforms;
      • Streamlining processes at retail branches and processing centers to enhance customer experience and improve productivity;
      • Enhance risk systems to monitor and improve security to maintain a secure banking environment; and
      • Using data to bring insights and development of meaningful products and improvement of customer experience
3. Building a workforce of the future
      • Instilling a culture of high-performance and responsibility towards meeting organisational goals and ensuring that the business remains competitive;
      • Ensure that our workplace is conducive to performance and adaptable to the changing nature of how work is delivered;
      • Investing in training and learning points including various external and internal seminars, workshops, trainings and sharing sessions;
      • Attracting and retaining enterprising minds with the right values and passion to lead change; and
      • Developing high-performing and engaged talent
4. Building a sustainable future with a focus on high impact areas of:
      • Financial Inclusion;
      • Job Creation and Enterprise Development, particularly through SMEs;
      • Employee Development and Training; and
      • Customer Satisfaction
5. Embracing values and principles of good governance
      • Meeting Pwint Thit Sa Standards on Corporate Governance reporting
      • Bridging the gap on ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard

The details of strategic initiatives and impact of strategy each year are stated in the Financial Statements and various reports found in our latest Annual Report.

The impact on Assets and Capital have been positive and this is illustrated in the 5 year “Highlights of Financial performance” found in this website and our latest Annual Report.

Further the challenges and uncertainties in pursuing strategy and its potential implications to the business model are stated annually in the Chairman’s Statement and the Risk Management Report found in the Bank’s latest Annual Report.

Our Expectations

1. Near term: managing the present (2022)
      • Delivering excellent customer service.
      • Accelerating digitisation and launching innovative products.
      • Supply chain financing to address the cash flow problems of SME businesses.
      • Cost optimisation to improve our returns to shareholders and increasing group ROE to >20%.
      • Increased focus on transparency by issuing Annual Reports and Sustainability Reports.
2. Mid-term: becoming future ready (2023-2025)
      • Ensure that client centricity remain our focus
      • Using digital channels to increase our customer base and better serve our clients
      • Continuing focus on cost optimisation by continuous training and upskilling employees
      • Improving our Cost to Income Ratio to <45% through reduced use of brick and mortar to service our clients and overhead cost optimisation
      • Integration of services provisioned by our subsidiary to provide wide range of solutions to our customers
      • Integrating ESG concerns in our lending activities
3. Long term: leading the change (2025 onwards)
      • Creating a balanced portfolio of Corporate and SME and Consumer business with each segment taking an equal share.
      • A balanced channel reach of branches, use of agents and superior digital offering reaching to at least 5 million customers
      • A trusted and most valued brand in Myanmar, which focuses on client satisfaction, transparency, sustainability and providing innovating out of the box solutions through digital channels.
      • Providing solutions and opportunities and ensuring the relevance of the Bank to our stakeholders.

Longer term approaches to sustainability

We understand that sustainability is critical and we have begun the process of aligning our business and sustainability goals. To achieve this, we have engaged with various stakeholders to focus on relevant material issues. A number of targets have been set towards this goal.

In order to maintain a longer-term responsible approach in all that the Bank does, we have adopted following goals:

    1. Responsible Banking
    2. Responsible Financing
    3. Responsible Corporate Citizenship

You will find a discussion of this in the Sustainability Statements and Reports of the Bank and in the Sustainability section of this website.