Our most valued asset

Though quantification of employees’ worth to the Bank is not possible, we regard them as one of the most important asset of our Bank. We value our employee in more than one way. We ensure that they have opportunity to learn from diverse resource pool, maintain work-life balance whilst respecting the rights of all the stakeholders.

People are at the core of uab bank and continued investment in our employees is a key priority. We are committed to creating a sustainable environment for them to express and develop their full potential professionally and personally.

uabians way of life involves initiatives to find balance, meaning and success, both at work and outside of it. We know our employees spend significant amount of time at work today, and thus company must work for them also.

uab bank is committed to respecting and promoting human rights and good labour practices. Respecting human rights is core to the bank’s corporate values and is embedded in our Code of Ethics.

We value diverse opinions. Diversity is not only about gender and race, it is also about diversity of background and mindset.