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လှပတည်မြဲ မြိတ် နဲ့ ပုလဲ
ကြည်လင်စိမ်းလန်းတဲ့ မြိတ်ကျွန်းစုတွေ ရဲ့ အလှ နဲ့ ပုလဲရတနာရဲ့ ကျက်သရေမင်္ဂလာ ဟာ အမြဲတည်မြဲနေသလို ဒေသဖွံ့ဖြိုးရေးလုပ်ငန်းတွေကိုအားပေးကူညီ တဲ့ uab ရဲ့ စေတနာမေတ္တာဟာလည်း သင်တို့အတွက်အမြဲတည်မြဲနေမှာ
Myeik & Pearls
Empower Myeik enterprises with uab bank. Like pearls and crystal waters, our support is pure and tailored for your business success. uab bank stands as pillars of support, offering customized financial solutions to nurture and elevate local enterprises in Myeik.
Phyu Thinzar Lwin

2nd Year at National University of Arts and Culture​

Born on February 5, 2004, in Pinlaung City, Shan State, Thinzar is currently a 2nd-year student at the National University of Arts and Culture (NUAC). Thinzar has actively participated in the 30th Anniversary of NUAC and contributed to the 76th Union Day of Myanmar competition.